Excellence In All We Do, A Fair Price For All We Serve – the Remodel 615 process

Jun 26, 2020

We care about every detail that takes your dream remodel and makes it a reality. The care we put into each project has allowed us to create a reputation of dependability and quality within our industry and it is our unique process that truly sets us apart.

Our First Meeting – building the dream

Our first meeting takes the form of an initial consultation. We meet with you in the space we will be remodeling or rebuilding. During our first hour together, we will begin laying the foundation of our relationship, going over your ideas and plans for the space as well as a preliminary discussion of your budget. To help facilitate the conversation, we will go through all the trades to discuss the things you may want to change or improve. Some questions we may ask while building your dream room include:

  • Do you want to change the lighting?
  • What do you want to see for the walls, the floors and the ceiling?
  • Do you want to make improvements in the plumbing or HVAC systems?
  • Are we going to be replacing appliances?
  • Do you need cabinetry?
  • What do you need to make the room function better?

Creating An Estimate – agreeing to a budget

All of the information gathered during the initial consultation along with your proposed budget will be taken back to our offices where we will spend time pricing the job and creating a scope of work. When that is complete, (usually after one week), we will present you with a General Estimate. After you have had time to review the estimate, we will work together to discuss any questions, or plans that need to change due to budget constraints or a re-prioritization of desires.

Giving A Green Light – the project gets underway

Once we find a common ground and we have come to an agreement, the project is given a green light with a signed agreement and then a start date will be set.

One of the resources we provide for our clients is a splash-page (a mini-website dedicated to your project). On this splash-page you will be able to track the progress of your rebuild, any payments that have been made or are needed, the balances within each category, as well as a list of selections you make throughout the process of making your dream come to life.

Designing Your Home – selecting the details

The time between the green light and start date, our clients begin work with our designer, Lisa Wilson. Lisa steps in and begins working with our clients to select all of the finishes and fixtures that are a part of taking your project from dream to reality. She loves working directly with you to finalize your selections for as long as needed to make the process less stressful. She will go with you as you shop for the details that are going to make your new space uniquely yours. Whether it is flooring or fixtures, appliances or wall coverings, Lisa will help you pull together the components to create a beautiful space that fits your budget.

One of the facets that makes Remodel 615’s process unique is our selection process. When we create your estimate and finalize your budget, we factor in allowances in each trade category. As we shop and make selections together, we will track the allowance categories. When we are shopping for faucets, you find one that has a sale price that is under budget, you will receive a deduction on your bill! If you fall in love with tile for your backsplash that puts you over budget, we will give you a change order to okay the overage. It is all part of a check and balance process that helps us stay on the same page. At the end of the job, if we are under budget, you will get your money back.

Getting Down To Business – the remodel begins

Once your project date is on the calendar; we want to be sure you are ready for all that will happen during the course of the project. Communication is key and so we make sure you understand all the logistics involved including: where you should park, when and where the material will be dropped off, what time you can expect the Remodel 615 crew to arrive, how many trucks will be crowding your driveway and how long you (and your neighbors) will have to endure the noise that comes with construction.

Finishing Touches – caring for our customers

As the date of completion nears, excitement is building for EVERYONE! We love what we do and take pride in our work. We love nothing more than a client that is overjoyed and can’t wait to show off their finished project. Each client is asked to walk through the project and make a list of anything that bothers them or has not been created to their specifications. This list becomes a punch list that helps us to put the finishing touches on your home.

A Job Well Done – from dream to reality

When the construction is done, the job is not yet complete. A job is not finished according to Remodel 615 standards until we have left it better than we found it. We want you to enter your new space and experience the rush knowing that your dream has become a reality and our efforts have exceeded your expectations.

Another differentiator in Remodel 615’s process is that we send a professional cleaning crew to clean the interior of your home. There will be no dirty footprints, no construction debris left behind. Your home will be left in better condition than we found it.

At Remodel 615, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that each client is delighted with the final project and motivated to share their thoughts with their friends, family and acquaintances throughout the Metro-Nashville area. We hope that after reviewing the details of our process you can see that we truly care, not only about how our clients feel about the final product, but how they feel during every step along the process. We are Remodel 615, the contractor who cares.